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Website Design Services

Website Design for any industry

Your Website's First Impression Counts


Today, a website is not only a marketing tool; it is also a communications medium, providing an endless possibility for business and growth.


Your company's web page is the first opportunity you have to introduce your clients to your business. Choosing the right web design company is pivotal for successful completion of your web design endeavor. Now, creating an impressive website is just a step away.


Remember, Good companies knock 'em dead in the real world, but getting that same punch into a website is tough. That's why they turn to Catapult Web Design Studios.  Let Catapult launch you to the next level in your business with amazing website development!




Your website is the online hub that connects you and your customers. Catapult does more then just design a pretty picture for your website, we take every measure to make sure the technical aspects will exceed your expectations as well. Catapult works directly with your company to create the most engaging website presence possible, increasing your visibility to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Microsoft's Live Search.




We specialize in Website Redesign - "overhauling" existing websites. We can transform your current website into a polished, professional site that will better reflect your corporate image and the professionalism of your company. A new and improved website will greatly enhance your overall Internet presence and help increase your Visitor Conversion Ratio (turning more visitors into new customers).


Website Maintenance


How often do businesses update their websites?

Our 1st Quarter 2009 online survey that polled visitors to our site showed that the overwhelming majority revise content on their websites once a month or more. When is the last time your website was updated?




When it comes to eCommerce websites, or an eCommerce redesign, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web design solutions. Catapult's goal is provide you with all of the necessary design, development and marketing services you need to be successful online.





• Real Estate website

• Clothing and apparel websites

• Bar websites

• Small business websites

• Jewelry websites

• Restaurant websites

Band & musician website

• Ecommerce websites

• Entertainer websites

• Corporate websites

• Transportation websites

• Personal websites

Ecommerce Website Design for any industry

Website Design & Development

Website Redesign Services

BLU Energy Drink

Official Site of Tammie Davis

Book A Limo Charlotte

GFH Transportation Services

Your Tool Truck

Balance Your Dog

Meal With A Movie

Official Site of Josh Sanders

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Small Business Development Services

The Catapult Group is in no way a typical consulting firm.....


What does business development mean to you? To some, it means tactical sales efforts such as cold-calling or canvassing. To others, it’s a job description that includes long lunches, golf outings and other activities that make customers happy and co-workers jealous. At Catapult, business development is so much more than either of these concepts.


To us, business development is:


Aligning marketing, sales and business strategies to create increased effectiveness, new opportunities and growth.

Continuously researching, analyzing and adjusting to stay ahead of changing market trends, industry advances and competitive influences.

Maximizing existing customer opportunities while pro-actively targeting new markets and prospects.

Creating a strategy to attract new leads and propel prospects forward through the sales process


Catapult Small Business Consulting works with business owners with 10 to 100 employees to help them grow their business, move with confidence and make quicker decisions. We help our clients strengthen the four pillars of their business – Purpose, People, Process and Performance Measures – providing them with a firm foundation on which to grow.



What is the vision that you have for your business? What strategy should you employ to achieve that vision? Are your goals and objectives aligned with your vision and purpose? Will you be satisfied once you achieve business success? How well is your staff aligned to your vision and strategy?


A clear purpose enables you to lead your business, not run your business.



Do you have the right people on your team in the right positions? Are your employees working toward your business’ mission and goals? Will they be able to grow with your business, or will they leave after just a couple of years? Do you have effective tools for managing their performance, rewarding high performers and eliminating poor performers?


A people plan gives you people whom you, and your clients, can count on.



Once you find an effective process, how do you reproduce it for the long-term? Now that you are growing, how do you make sure that the new team members deliver the same value that you did? How consistent are your outcomes?


Consistent processes lead to predictable results



What performance data should you regularly check in each area of your business (i.e., financial, sales, quality, morale, etc.)? Who's looking at them? What measures exist to ensure your business’ success and effectiveness? How do you decide where you need to spend your time?


With performance measures in place we can make changes in our process and see the results improve.



How can you grow when you have open positions? How can you find time to hire someone when you are doing the work of the person who quit? Isn't there a better way? Plus, recruiters want 20% to 30% of a person's salary; who can afford that?


Our candidate sourcing services can provide a ready source of talent at a price designed for small businesses.

The Catapult Small Business Consulting Group

offers the following services:


Business Development Consulting

Customer Experience; Loyalty Marketing Programs

Brand Awareness and Positioning

Business & Sales Strategy

Internet Social Media Marketing

Website and Internet Marketing Optimization

Managed Marketing and Email Services

Creative Front of Mind Customer Interactions

Streamlining Operations; Technology Integrations

Below are just a FEW of the industry types that

The Catapult Group offers services for:


Food and Beverage (Including Specialty)

Automotive & Dealership Retail & Fixed Operations

Transportation & Logistics

Retail & eCommerce Consumer Sales

Manufacturing and overseas wholesale

Marketing & Communications

 Wholesale & Distribution

 Entertainment and Production Services

 Advertising and Public relations


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Personal Business Management Services



Are you in a band, are you an athlete, motivational speaker, model or actress with a desire to have your career managed by a motivated and results orientated management company? Maybe you're career is just getting started and you are looking for that big break.


Located in Charlotte North Carolina The Catapult Management Group partners with its artists to provide them with the production, manufacturing, distribution and promotion they need to succeed in today's music industry. Regardless of the style of your music or your career niche, we are interested in hearing from you.  At Catapult we deal with artists and studios all over the country with a primary focus on Nashville, Charlotte and Atlanta.


Just a fair warning...  Catapult Management Group does not take on every project that is submitted. We are interested in the potential of every artist. However, with the amount of resources Tate Music Group pours into each project, we have to be selective with the works we choose. We want your music to be a success!

Here are just a few of the services The Catapult

Management Group can offer:


Artist, band and talent management

Artist & talent development

Record Production and copyrighting

 Productions and touring

 Radio touring

Contract negotiations


Endorsements and sponsorships

 Brand development, apparel & website construction

Press releases and media awareness

Regional and local touring coordination


 Producer and record label procurement

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NOTE: If you are wanting more information about being discovered as an artist, please use our form below to contact us.  DO NOT send digital downloads to us directly.  Due to the high number of requests we get to review music and artists we ask that you fill out the form below completely and include any links to any websites or videos you may have available.  If we are interested we will contact you for more information.

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